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Share Your Passion with Your Community!

Thank you for your interest in teaching at South Seattle College's Continuing
Education Department!  We work diligently to improve the quality and variety of the learning
opportunities we offer to our community.  We are always interested in receiving new class


Our program is geared to the adult learner and includes both business and personal
enrichment courses. We seek creative, innovative and enticing classes to engage our
audience. We look for passionate, knowledgeable, organized and articulate instructors with proven teaching
skills; you need not have a teaching degree, but experience teaching adults is preferred.


Our Continuing Education course listing is included in South Seattle College's
quarterly class schedule; delivered to over 70,000 households in the West Seattle area. We
list our classes here, on our website, whichis an outstanding tool for students
to register easily and receive instant class information. We also do extensive emarketing
directed at our adult learning audience. 
Your participation in our marketing efforts is
. You know your audience best. Instructor promotion is by far the most effective route
to maximize the number of participants. 


To have your proposed class considered in our offerings, download and complete our 
Class Proposal form and the Instructor's Biography form. 
We need the
following information from you:


Your ClassTell us about your class

Your ClassClass name - short, descriptive, clearly identifies class subject

Your ClassOnline class description - stimulating what students gain & how 

Your ClassClass length & time - how many sessions? session start/end time?

Your ClassSubmit a class syllabus - what will be taught in each class session

Your ClassWhat (if any) required textbooks are needed

Your ClassWhat (if any) supplemental class handouts are provided

Your Class  What (if any) computer, other equipment, sink, etc. do you need
Audience:   Does your class fit our West Seattle adult audience?

Audience:   Know what we offer... what makes your class different?

Audience:   Who would take your class? Where do they live? 

Audience:   Do you have an audience base to draw from (mailing list, etc)?

Audience:   What advanced or next-step classes would your audience want? 

Audience:   What classes already offered at South would your audience take?
PromotionNew classes require extra marketing effort to run the first time
PromotionYour commitment - what will you do to promote your class?

PromotionYour suggestions - how to reach your target audience
PromotionCollege catalog description - brief to-the-point class description 

Teaching:   Why do you want to teach this class?

Teaching:   Why do you want to teach at South?

Teaching:   What is your experience in this subject matter & instruction in general?

Download and complete our class proposal form and instructor biography form.
Mail them along with your proposed class syllabus and other information to
Sally Romero, Program Specialist (see full mailing address below).


All class proposals are reviewed by our Course Selection Committee. If the
committee recommends further investigation and consideration of
YOUR class 
we will contact you to clarify any questions we may have and to set up an
interview. If your class proposal is accepted, we will work with you to polish your class
syllabus and class description, schedule dates and times for the class, determine a
class fee, determine your compensation and complete your hiring paperwork.


Future Class Proposal Due Dates:

Summer Quarter, 2019 - March 20, 2019
Fall Quarter, 2019 - June 20, 2019
Winter Quarter, 2020 - September 20, 2020
Spring Quarter, 2020 - January 20, 2020


Thank you for your interest in teaching at South Seattle College's Continuing
Education program.


Sally Romero

Sally Romero
Program Specialist

(206) 934-6782 or 

South Seattle College
Continuing Education
6000 16th Avenue SW, OLY 130

Seattle, WA  98106